Asdis Olafsdottir (1977)
Born and raised in Iceland, but has lived in Norway since 1996, now living and painting in T√łnsberg. Self-taught artist, debuted in 2017.

My art is mainly figurative oil paintings. Additionally, some drawings, etchings and aquarelle. My work is often in pastel values with nature tones with splash of strong colors that gives the little extra to the art piece. Often also playful lines on top strokes that might bring in surrealistic expression. The human figure, mainly the woman figure is the main object in most of my art. It is the feminine that inspires me most and through my art I try to express vulnerability, the identity, strength, and other emotions that is so beautiful with all women.

The creativity has always been a part of my life. I have been painting and drawing as long as I remember. But it took me many years until I finally dared to devote myself fully to art. My work experience and my previous education is an important part of my art today. It has shaped me in life, and at the same time shaped my artistic style.

I like to spend time on my art pieces. Layers on layers and to play with different techniques in my paintings. Always the figurative realistic, but often a touch of abstract strokes. I get inspired by the people around me, photographs, feelings, the human body in different angles, colors, shapes, yes everything around me inspires. I constantly seek for new ideas, both when it comes to study the figurative, but also to challenge myself technically.